Conversational Ambiance

with Philips Hue through Aurora.

Experience the world's first innovative GPT, seamlessly transforming your words into bright, captivating, dynamic Philips Hue lighting ambiance.

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A New Dawn in Lighting Control

With Aurora, a simple text reshapes your environment. Craft the perfect mood without lifting more than a finger.

Power Management

“Turn on Lamp 1”

Instantly switch your lights on or off with a straightforward command.

Brightness Control

“Set the brightness of Lamp 2 to 50%”

Easily set the perfect luminosity to match your mood or needs.

Color Temperature

“Set Lamp 3’s color temperature to 300 mirek”

Create the ideal ambiance—whether you crave warmth or coolness.

Color Change

“Change the color to purple for all lamps”

Revamp your room’s vibe in seconds with a splash of color.

Breathing Effect

“Make Lamp 4 breathe”

Give a serene, pulsating rhythm to your lights for a calming atmosphere.

Effects Application

“Apply fire effect to Lamp 3”

Inject energy and motion to your space with dynamic light patterns.

Timed Effects

“Start prism effect on Lamp 2 for 1 minute”

Schedule mesmerizing effects, letting your lights run on auto-pilot.


“Apply a mix of red and white to all the lamps.”

Experience smooth color transitions that elevate your décor.

Powerup Preset

“Set Lamp 1’s powerup mode to last on state”

Dictate your light's initial reaction, offering consistent ambiance every time you switch them on.

Lighting, Revolutionized.

Type a command, and in moments, your Philips Hue lights adjust. Unparalleled ease with the power of ChatGPT.


Welcome to the Future of Lighting

Experience the next leap in lighting control. With Aurora, every message reshapes your ambiance. Now available in the GPT Store.

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